A Taxi Odyssey takes an in-depth look into a fascinating culture that abides by its own rules.  Learn first hand what makes these unique taxi drivers tick and behave the way they do!

Ask anyone who has visited Athens about their adventure in a taxi there and be prepared for any of the following responses:

"He dropped me off before I reached my destination."
"I was charged 2 euro to turn on the air."
"He would not stop smoking."
"He picked up multiple passengers."
"He came to meet my relatives and joined us for dinner."
'I got kicked out for slamming the door."
"He didn't charge me."

Filmmaker Alexia Haidos hits the streets of Athens with a fresh perspective, following a small group of taxi drivers, their families, and their friends.

Visit Christos and his mother, shopping together at the farmers' market.  Enjoy the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea with Haluk as he enjoys a swim on a hot summer day.  Escape to the village and visit with relatives with Panayiotis, Vasili and Vangeli.

Experience life in Athens through their eyes.

From former Athens Mayor Dora Bakoyannis to writer/actress Nia Vardalos, from taxi union president Manolis Bantourakis to political commentator Arianna Huffington, from anchor woman Irini Nikolopoulou to comedian Renos Haralambides to taverna owners to gynecologists, journalists to Olympic athletes... discover a wide range of insight on taxi driver behavior.

The fares in Greece are also among the lowest in all of Europe.  13,000 taxis and 28,000 taxi drivers in a city of over 3 million people equals a lot of taxis.  Yet it requires great skill and patience to use a taxi in Athens.  

The film explores what makes these drivers so unique, why Parliament passed a bill to send these drivers to "charm" school to prepare them for 2004 Olympic Games, and why the school was postponed until 2007.  Find out how this system works, and learn from the experts how never to be taken for a ride again!

A Taxi Odyssey is a cheerful yet poignant journey, a look into a charming culture with ancient roots, and an exploration of contemporary Greece on the taxi drivers' terms: living under the new Euro, taking the 2004 Olympics in stride, trying to make sense of a quickly changing society, still finding time for friends and family and of course, attending CHARM SCHOOL this summer. In following the lives of these taxi drivers, A Taxi Odyssey is a funny and insightful window into the Greek soul.

Kalo taxidi!
Have a good journey!

Fiscal sponsorship provided by the
International Documentary Association